Legend has it, the game of chess was invented by an ancient Indian mathematician named Sessa.  When Sessa showed his new game to the king, the king was so pleased that he offered Sessa to name anything he desired as reward. Being a clever man, Sessa, responded “I’m a simple man.  I only ask some wheat to feed my family.” He asked for a single grain of wheat and asked the king to double it each day for the number of days there were squares on Sessa’s chessboard. The king was incredulous; “Sessa must accept more”.  But Sessa was insistent, and so the king began payment.

By the eighth day, which ended the first row, Sessa had received a total of 255 grains of wheat.  The king called him in again and pleaded to give a greater reward.  Sessa solemnly refused.  By the end of the second row Sessa had received 65,535 grains and the king laughed at Sessa’s cleverness.  By the 20th day the total was over 1 million grains. It was just a bushel, but the king began to doubt.

The king quickly called his greatest mathematicians and inquired how much wheat it would take to pay the reward.  The answer was a staggering 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 grains, or more than 18 TRILLION  bushels, of wheat. This was more than the value of the entire kingdom!  Serendipitously, one of the kings trusted advisers uncovered a previously unknown instance of treason committed by Sessa.  So, in the end, the kingdom was saved and everyone lived happily ever after……..well everyone that is except one clever, albeit headless, chess inventor.


So, what does this have to do with the good news about global warming?


It means the all you need to do to solve global warming is to be completely committed AND to convince two other people to be as committed as you are.  T


hat means they will also commit to convincing two other people.  Convince U TIMZ 2, That’s it.  No, really!  Seriously, that is it!!!  You’re done.  Go home.  We don’t need you anymore.  Well OK, if you want to keep helping, that is great!  But you HAVE done your part.  How is that possible?  Do the math.


If you convince two people, and they each convince two more, and so on, the total number of people grows incredibly rapidly.  After 10 levels, you have convinced over 1000 people!  After 20 levels, you have convinced over 1 million!!!  If you can make it to thirty levels you have convinced over 1 billion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The trick is you need to be absolutely committed to finding those two other people who themselves are absolutely committed to repeating the process.  Obviously, if the tree you have planted gets infiltrated by people who don’t follow through, then the entire process breaks down.

There is HUGE multiplicative power in convincing some small number of followers and having them preach the message forward.  It works for religion, let’s use it in the name of science and the saving of the human race.

So come join us and take The Pledge


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